DIGITAL ALLIES are a value creating business group of IT Project Managers and IT professionals that advise, project manage, design and construct strategic solutions in the area of software and hardware Information Technology that enable business improvement. Our team of deeply caring and capable individuals, provide project insight and leadership to transform business constraint into sustainable results.

IT Project Management:

Whether it’s problem resolution or a “development”, we work side by side with you to help navigate obstacles, reach your goals and sustain performance.

As IT Project Managers, we transform your vision or challenge into an actionable plan and provide dedicated resources to drive it through to completion. We collaborate with you and your team, manage stakeholder relationships, and implement the processes and tools needed to realize your organization’s potential.


With 10 years of 1st line customer support, we take pride in understanding your challenges, we transform into customer solutions and do our best to add to business performance and bottom-line results, collaborative and, approachable response. Our purpose is to turn technology into business performance.


To choose a brand identity is an act of strategy. Its a choice to remain true to your customer values, what your products and services stand for, and to appear consistently when it matters. It takes great courage and conviction to remain true to what you believe in these days of the Social Media revolution.

The DIGITAL ALLIES group offer Branding consultation where our professional business brand and changement advisor can provide professional brand development services for your organization. This includes:

  • Brand Review
  • Staff Engagement
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Structure
  • Positioning

Brand is the science of incorporating all that what your customer values stand for. It’s the art of being different, not just a startup together with a logo design. And creating a powerful brand is you being disciplined enough to compete successfully for your business. A coherent brand delivers;

  • Enable staff to understand who you are and what you do – and enact this on a daily basis
  • Provide a system of “being” for the business
  • Have you stand out from the crowd
  • Have you heard amongst the noise
  • Simplify and amplify your value and relevance
  • Build brand equity to the bottom line of your business

Our organizational development consultant, coach and mentor can quickly and effectively provide an assessment of your brands effectiveness. Based on that conversation we can then make a recommendation on how it might be improved.