Generate enquiries, increase sales.

For the past decade, email marketing has evolved into an essential tool by many small and medium size businesses that want to send regular marketing based messages; these may include special offers or newsletters. This form of marketing is both fast and cost effective and offers a good return on investment to many business owners who are looking to generate enquiries.

A great insight can be gained from the use of email marketing by tracking how many people are opening your emails, what time of the day you have the most clicks on your email along with how many people are clicking through to your website as a result of receiving your email. These figures can give you great power of knowledge by allowing you to choose your market wisely and gain maximum exposure.

Building your email marketing list

The existence of an up-to-date email marketing list is essential to having a successful email marketing strategy. To design the correct recipient audience, your list should contain as much information possible to reach tactically the right audience. The easiest way to gather this type of information is to allow people to sign up to your emails via your website.

How we can help you with your email marketing…

  • We can design & create eye-catching email templates
  • Send your emails to your chosen email marketing list
  • Track your responses
  • Measure click through rates
  • Stop your emails from being marked as spam
  • Improve your email marketing strategy

Its easy to start today. Find out how we can help you develop your business further by getting in touch with us; we would be happy to help.

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