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DIGITAL ALLIES was formed to help small business owners to turn technology into an advantage. Our job is to bring information technology advantages to you and make them work as solutions to issues you might be facing. Although Web design and Digital Marketing is a very tangible results driven part of our work, IT Hardware is the most visible part of our professional services.
It involves the sales and maintenance of personal computers (PC), their maintenance, backing-up of vital business data and installation of Networks at your premises.

We establish networking solutions at your business location depending on your business requirements, so your IT equipment can function well without interruption. And as your customers would like to have access to the internet, we establish separate secure connection without allowing them to access your internal business network.

Increase Brand Awareness over WiFi network

Why not let your customer’s friends and family know of your business and services? Surely if you had visited any coffee shops or venues, the WiFI access network was available to all visitors; but to access the Wi-Fi, you had check-in or like on Facebook business page for Guest Authorization.
WiFi Facebook access points allows businesses to permit users to authenticate to Wi-Fi via Facebook. Using Facebook authorization can provide an easy and straight-forward way of ensuring customers are able to access Wi-Fi while also gaining benefit for marketing your business via social media.

DIGITAL ALLIES promotes this software service for a small annual fee for facebook maintenance and unlimited changes. Hardware equipment is sold separately.

Please feel free to contact us for hardware and networking solutions at your premises. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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If your business is under performing and you aren’t getting the results you want from your digital online presence and would like a fresh start with good search results and page rankings we can help. Our process is straightforward and simple.


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