we help manage your website so you can focus on growing your business

DIGITAL ALLIES offers a variety of hosting services ensuring a high level of customer support, reliable infrastructure hosting, and data protection security at its core. Once we establish our customers digital needs and branding strategy, we tailor a dependable and cost effective website that will remain online 24/7 and be hosted on our web servers.


Hosting is a place where your new website is held on a web server so that it can be found on the internet at any time.
You can think of a website as a small note book with pages that is located on the internet and is accessible at any time for visitors. A website stands next to your physical premises as a digital presence that works for you day and night. In terms of profitability, a well designed on-line e-commerce website can generate revenue double the annual revenue produced from the physical commercial shop of the business.

Benefits gained hosting with us

The DIGITAL ALLIES fully managed Web Hosting Service offers a new level of service only available in the past to larger corporations. It includes

  • 99.9% Verified uptime
  • Your own personal Account Manager
  • Secure hosting platform
  • Full hosting set up
  • Safe and secure backup
  • Low cost domain registration
  • Inclusive content changes
  • Free image uploads
  • Free review updates
  • Webmail access
  • Hosting support with free technical helpline.

All websites have their own databases containing vital information. To safeguard the best interest of our customers, we continue to maintain these databases against ongoing hacking attacks, all you pay in addition, is a one off yearly fee for the renewal of each Domain name we hold.


Every business wants their website to deliver a great user experience, regardless of their industry or niche. A website that delights new or returning customers is likely to perform better than one that does not. As your buyers’ behavior on the web continues to evolve, you cannot overlook the performance of your website.

When you get to a website that takes forever to load, how does that make you feel? If you’re like most people then you probably experience an emotion related to anger or frustration.

And when you’re on a website that makes you feel angry or frustrated, do you usually stay on that website? Probably not. Do you wait to buy the item? No. Do you go to another website? Yes. According to Google when people have a negative experience on your website, they are 62% less likely to visit or purchase from you in the future.

The people who are researching your products and services online right now are no different. They don’t have the patience to sit around waiting for a slow website to show up on their smartphone or desktop; they want everything immediately. The longer you make them wait, the more interest they lose in you.

Google has created a free tool for website owners to test their own websites without charge. If you would like to see how long it takes new visitors to load your website, then visit “Google test my website speed” page and enter your domain name or click this link to Google.

This Google report will give you the website loading speed. If your performance is under 2 seconds then you have happy customers and loyalists to your services. If its above 2 seconds then you probably receive recommendations on how to reduce your website loading time to under 2 seconds. At this point, you will probably be considering the need to take action; if you do not feel you can do this yourself then give us a call and we can help you or send us an Email.

Dedicated servers offer a faster loading time and is very likely to provide your business with the fastest possible loading time for new and current visitors. This converts into business transactions since visitors are more likely to enjoy spending more time on your website pages rather look for an alternative webpage.


DIGITAL ALLIES hosting services include our own dedicated server, where websites hosted there are created and optimized by our own developers. Business owners who choose this service, they still receive all the above advantages and additionally enjoy super-fast loading speeds since only a small number of our clients are hosted there.

Additionally you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Advanced security and reliability through our firewall
  • The latest hardware resources dedicated to your website at all times
  • Dedicated support 24/7
  • Guaranteed performance and fast loading for high numbers of visitors.
  • Daily Email backups
  • Daily website file and database backups
  • Upgraded support program
  • SSL green padlock certificates available (HTTPS)

For enquiries, current availability on our dedicated servers and costing please feel free to get in contact with us or visit our pricing here.